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Holistic Healing Through Alternative Methods

Have you ever felt you were unable to get very far in your healing through talk therapy alone? Have you ever felt you needed more? I personally learned how to heal my mind and body through other healing modalities besides pain medication and medical procedures. 

The Pandemic has left many of us feeling socially isolated, drained of energy, anxious and lacking the motivation to live life to its full potential. I like to help individuals who have struggled emotionally with the Covid restrictions to re-engage in meaningful activities and help reduce the limiting beliefs that may inhibit their every day lives. This Pandemic has left many of us with a negative impact on our mood which directly impacts our daily functioning.  

I enjoy helping others find healing through alternative methods including Yoga, Reiki and Emotional Wellness Coaching. My 16 years of Mental Health work has taken me on a journey looking for alternatives to talk therapy. I realize there is more to healing than just talk therapy.  I feel we need to relax the entire neurological system in order to promote health and healing.

Utilizing multiple healing modalities like Yoga, Reiki and talk therapy, we can heal the "whole" individual. Research actually shows that we tend to hold on to trauma in our physical bodies and therefore, we must learn to release it. My knowledge of mental health, physical health and spiritual health combined provide a unique perspective on healing for each individual.

Yoga, in Sanskrit, means "Union". Through Yoga postures and breathing exercises we actually bring healing to the whole body and bridge the gap between the mind and the body. Reiki, is an ancient Japanese healing modality where subtle energy is balanced within the body.  This hands on, or hands off, practice is said to align the "chi" through universal energy. 

These two healing modalities combined assist in bringing peace and relaxation to the individual. Without relaxation, we cannot begin to heal. I've treated chronic pain, depression, anxiety, fears, and self-sabotage with the combination of Reiki and Yoga. 



Brandi D. Gibson LLC | Emotional Wellness Coach

As a passionate Mental Wellness Consultant, I understand that the best way to achieve our life’s goals is to take a proactive and integrative approach to being healthy and happy. Research regarding Integrative therapies show positive results in mental health as well as physical health.  

I have worked in the Mental Health field for over 16 years doing talk therapy. I am a license Marital and Family Therapist as well as a licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor.

Personally, I have practiced yoga myself for over 22 years and I know that talk therapy isn't always enough to heal. I now have over 4 years of teaching yoga and just recently completed my Reiki Masters Training. I have successfully helped others with finding alternative ways to combat stress, anxiety, PTSD symptoms and fatigue through Reiki and easy gentle Hatha and Restorative Yoga. 


About Brandi

Healing shouldn't be done alone

As a Mental Health Wellness Consultant, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you.  Many times we feel alone in our struggles. Reiki and Yoga assisted me in my own healing from anxiety and stress by reducing my symptoms and increasing my own self-love and knowledge. 

That’s why my mission is simple: give my clients the wellness education, tools and resources that they need to feel happy, healthy, and capable of managing life’s pressures. We will work together as a team to develop goals that are right for you.

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